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My to-read pile is getting out of control, so I’m placing a temporary moratorium on review copies. Please check back with me in a couple of months if you’d like to pitch a book.

Reading is my passion and I love, love, love getting books in the mail! So if your book fits the criteria below, feel free to send me a pitch. I prefer a hard copy (easier to read in the tub!), but you could also send me a Nook-compatible e-book.

I have a ton of respect for authors, so you won’t see any scathing reviews on my blog. I am, however, a believer in constructive criticism. So if a book needs some work, I will be forthright and honest in my review.

Authors are more than welcome to post Q&As and guest blogs. However I am not interested in giveaways or hosting book tours. That takes way too much planning and attention to detail!

If you are interested in having me review the book you are publicizing or have any other questions, please send me an e-mail me at

Please take note of the criteria listed below. This blog is meant to be fun – not work – so I have to protect myself from reading/reviewing burnout.

Books I will happily accept:

Cozy mysteries
Gothic thrillers
Southern fiction
Paranormal mysteries

Please do not offer:

Harlequin-type romance
Books about babies, pregnancy or being a mom
Books about shopping-addicted women
Girl-in-the-city romance
Religious fiction
Dystopian, sci-fi, or high fantasy fiction

15 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Your blog is the most awesome thing ever. I am a fellow book lover, and your blog is such a delight! Hearts, hugs, and cat butts.

    Your biggest fan,


  2. Dear Jessica,

    Part of what is so seductive about your blog is the loud and clear confirmation that chick lit is anything but six feet under. And, I continue to cringe from the injustice that authors of fun, fabulous, female-friendly fiction can’t seem to get past the velvet ropes of literary agencies these days–as if we’re defiantly appearing at a Dior show during Fashion Week wearing Lanvin for H&M!

    Putting on a brave (and barely-Botoxed) face, I self-published and launched my debut novel this past week–THE DINNER PARTY–and I would love to discuss the possibility of posting a blurb or excerpt on your site. The book is currently available on Amazon for kindle, will be ready for print distribution in just a few days, and one can sneak a peek into the first two chapters with Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. I am aware that you are currently not doing reviews until August, however I thought it was worth asking if a mere mention of a new novel was an option, as you represent the best in “chick-literatti” circles.

    My book can be found by clicking the following:

    If you would like to see more of my writer’s voice, you can also peruse my blog at:

    I look forward to hearing from you, and becoming a part of your community.

    Thank you,

    Jenny Ladner Brenner

    Lainie Silver isn’t jealous. Regardless of what her nagging mother and overpaid therapist might say. So what if her oldest friend-turned-frenemy, Miya, is a celebrity make-up artist with endless good press, a loft in Tribeca,and impossibly shiny hair? So what if Lainie is stuck in professional purgatory anda disastrous (albeit disease-free) dating life? Jealousy definitely isn’t why Lainie sleeps with Miya’s husband after hosting a dinner party of overcooked sea bass and tension sliced extra thick. Especially since Lainie can’t even stand Jake. Especially after eight minutes of mediocre sex. THE DINNER PARTY tells the story of Lainie’s resolve to stash her secret, wangle a new career, and land a man of her own without ever having to set the table again.

    Against the backdrop of occasional bad decisions (alas: been there, slept with that), with guilty angst and acerbic wit as her must-have accessories, Lainie searches for her version of happiness—preferably six-feet tall with most of its hair. But is finding love enough to keep a marriage, a friendship, and Lainie’s sanity intact?

  3. Hi, Jessica!

    I just graduated from the University of Oklahoma and I’m looking to get some more buzz about the teen chick-lit book I self published a couple of months ago. It’s called Catching the Fever and my target audience is teenage girls 13 and up.

    The story follows four high school girls on a crazy journey to save their arts school, and along the way they encounter a pop star very similar to Justin Bieber. If you’d be willing to post a link to my book on one of your posts that would be wonderful!



    Thanks so much!


  4. Was curious if you did reviews or contests for new e books or if you were still too bogged down with books. Our book Happily Ever Before, by Aimee Pitta and Melissa Peterman went live on 9/17/12 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and soon to be on i tunes, kobo, etc… And we’re just trying to get word out about our novel.

    HAPPILY EVER BEFORE is what would happen if the hit comedies Bridesmaids and Baby Mama had a love child. It tells the story of two sisters and the biggest, most important question anyone has ever been asked: would you, if I for some reason couldn’t, loan me your womb and give birth to my baby?

    Melissa Peterman currently star’s in ABC Family’s new hit series “Baby Daddy”. Peterman is best known for her starring role as “Barbra Jean” on the ever popular series “Reba.” She currently host’s the networks #1 game show “The Singing Bee” and is currently working on her first comedy album for Big Machine Record, her new film Here Comes The Boom comes out on 10/13.
    Aimee Pitta, a native New Yorker, is an Award winning Writer/Producer and Marketing Executive with over 20 years experience creating cutting edge theatrical marketing campaigns for almost every major studio in Hollywood. Her skills as a writer and marketer have also allowed her to create a niche as one of the top film “retitlers” in the business, and she has titled such films as Playing For Keeps, People Like Us, Mirror-Mirror, No Strings Attached, It’s Complicated, Our Family Wedding, The Bounty Hunter, Almost Heroes and the upcoming Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand comedy The Guilt Trip.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this email, greatly appreciate it.

  5. poop:( anywho….feedback from my readers is that my book takes AT MOST 3 days to read:) it’s a steamy nail biter! if my website or my amazon reviews interest you, I’ll send a copy right away for your reading pleasure…i hope!

    p.s. the picture of your cat is killing me…just lost my 15 year old tucker. ripped my heart out.

    • I totally understand but please keep us and Happily Ever Before in mind if and when you ever dig your way out of that pile! Ciao Aimee

      Sent from my supercalifragilisticexpial i Phone

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Happy New Year! I hope the new year has started well for you with lots of good chick-lit for your website.

    My novel, Stiletto Safari, recently won an award for “Best Chick-Lit” in 2012 (Reader’s Favorite silver medal) and as a special promotion I’m giving away the e-book for FREE from Thursday 10th Jan – Monday 14th Jan inclusive on Amazon. Please feel free to let your readers know.

    Stiletto Safari has a 5 star rating on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating on Goodreads. Here’s a snapshot of what readers have been saying:

    “Are you looking for some fun chick-lit that will hook you at page one and hold you all the way through until the very last page? Then I highly recommend STILETTO SAFARI by debut author, Kate Metz.” – Cindy Roesel, Chick Lit Central: The Blog!

    “If big game and legal angst seem like an intriguing combination, you should snap up a copy of Metz’s book.” – Roll on Friday

    “FUN BOOK ALERT! Check out STILETTO SAFARI by Kate Metz this weekend to help spruce up your Spring Break.” – Liz Fenton, Chick Lit Is Not Dead

    “I found STILETTO SAFARI absolutely delightful… this book was so much fun that I had a hard time putting it down. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, light read with a sassy, quick-witted main character.” – Sara Palacios, ChickLitPlus

    “STILETTO SAFARI is Chick-Lit at its best… this novel deserves more than 5 stars.” – Molly E. for Readers Favorite

    “An impressive debut.” – Leanne Francis, Chick Lit Club

    A link to Stiletto Safari on Amazon follows:

    Kind regards,

  7. Hi Chick Lit Cafe . I would like to suggest a smart, fast-paced, funny, as in droll, irreverent, non-PC funny, amateur sleuth mystery for your reading pleasure. Small Town Trouble is the first in a mystery series by Jean Erhardt that features Kim Claypoole, restaurateur, reluctant heroine and amateur sleuth with moxie galore. The eBook has been #1 in the Amazon Kindle Amateur Sleuth category for 19 weeks now. The more recently released paperback version of Small Town Trouble is catching up and is in the top 5% of paperbacks on Amazon.

    In Small Town Trouble, we meet Kim Claypoole and get acquainted with her irreverent and witty ways of dealing with the peculiar characters and events that she regularly finds in her life. Claypoole’s adventures begin as she leaves her home in the Smoky Mountains to help save her kooky mother Evelyn from financial disaster. In the first scene of Small Town Trouble Claypoole says, “I’d had a feeling all along that this wasn’t going to be my day. But I hadn’t been prepared for things to go this badly…”

    Setting off to assist Evelyn (i.e., “the other Scarlett O’Hara”) with her newest personal crisis, Claypoole leaves in her wake her Gatlinburg doublewide, her restaurant, The Little Pigeon, and her restaurant partner and sometimes best friend Mad Ted Weber as well as a budding secret love affair with a Martha Stewart wannabe that’s hotter than an Eskimo in July.
    Claypoole’s savior complex leads to more trouble when she bumps into an old flame in her hometown who asks for her help clearing her hapless brother of murder charges. In true Claypoole fashion, Kim gets more than she bargained for when she gets dragged into a complicated quest to find the true killer complete with topless tavern dancers, small town cops, a stream of backwater characters-even a meeting with the Grim Reaper. Can Claypoole muddle her way through the murky depths of this bizarre murder mystery before it’s too late?
    With biting humor and wit, Small Town Trouble will leave you guessing what’s around the next corner in the quirky life of Kim Claypoole.
    A review copy of Small Town Trouble in any eBook format can be sent promptly. It is available in paperback and eBook at independent booksellers, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

    Jean Erhardt is a former private detective, and her second book in the Kim Claypoole series is due out in Spring 2014. Jean is currently is working on the fifth book in her Kim Claypoole series and is also writing the first book in a new series which is set in Portland, Oregon and features Haley Hammel, a private investigator who always seems to find more trouble than she is looking for.

    You can find out more about Jean on her website, or her Facebook page, which also has links to interviews and guest posts that Jean has done.
    Please contact Elle Grounds at Elle Grounds Literary Group (503.740.1771) or for further information.

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