Goodbye, Chick Lit Café!

It’s official! Chick Lit Café is no more. Say hello to Bubble Bubble Books and Trouble—you’re one-stop-shop for all things dark and spooky! Change isn’t easy, and I really hate letting go of such a catchy name. Yet let’s face it—I grew out of the chick lit genre years ago. I feel like such a jerk when authors keep offering me their Sex in the City-esque books. Why must they keep pitching these clichéd stories about label-loving ladies looking for love in the big city? Hey, that’s kind of a tongue-twister! Oh…I know why. It’s because my blog is named Chick Lit Café. Well no more!

So off with the old and in with the new! Well…actually the only thing that’s new is the name. I’m still posting reviews—and the occasional Cranky Corner rant—about ghosts, fiends with fangs, amateur sleuths and magical kitties. Okay, okay, I’ll even throw in a fluffy romance here and there just for old time’s sake.

I should note that my new graphic was made—totally gratis!—by my designer friend/colleague. Don’t you just love the magical Austin skyline? I’m totally bewitched! Go to his Los Outsiders website to see how he’s shaking things up in the Austin art scene.

Now I must be off. I have to go dig into my book cauldron for my next weekend read!