A Cornucopia of Cozies!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – and there’s no better way to get in the turkey-eating spirit than by curling up with a good fall-themed cozy! Lucky for me, my husband is the Turkey master, so I get to spend my blissful day off from work devouring a good mystery. While searching for the perfect Thanksgiving-themed book, I narrowed it down to these fun little cozies. Which one should I choose?

A Catered Thanksgiving by Isis Crawford

Synopsis:Sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons have handled plenty of catering challenges with grace and aplomb. But this Thanksgiving, they’re cooking a feast for felons. Whipping up Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings can be stressful for anyone, but that goes double for the Field family. They know that every family get-together has to be picture perfect, or they risk getting cut out of dominating patriarch Monty’s extremely lucrative will.

That’s where A Little Taste of Heaven, Bernie and Libby’s catering company, comes in. Surely with their lumpless mashed potatoes and to-die-for gravy on the table, even the super-dysfunctional Fields can pretend to get along for one meal. But no one can dress up the disaster when the cover-worthy turkey goes boom right in Monty Field’s scowling face, sending him to that great dining room in the sky.

A Killer Crop by Sheila Connolly

Synopsis: After an English professor-and old friend of her mother-is found dead in a cider house, orchard owner Meg Corey starts to wonder: Could her own mother have committed murder?



Fatal Feast by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Synopsis: The newest novel in the USA Today bestselling series finds Jessica Fletcher cooking up a heartwarming holiday dinner-and a fresh serving of trouble…Jessica Fletcher would like nothing more than to sit back and relax as Thanksgiving comes to Cabot Cove. But this year, she’s already got more on her plate than she can handle. Jessica is suffering from a rare case of writer’s block, and the deadline for her new novel is fast approaching.


Death of a Turkey by Kate Grilley Borden

Synopsis: It’s Thanksgiving–and it’s not just the turkey who’s in danger. As tourists arrive at Cobb’s Landing to enjoy an authentic Colonial-style Thanksgiving, mayor Peggy Turner would be thankful for nothing more than a clue as to who killed her neighbor–a clue that didn’t point to her. 


Thanksgiving by Janet Evonovich

Synopsis: When Megan Murphy discovers a floppy-eared rabbit gnawing on the hem of her skirt, she means to give its careless owner a piece of her mind, but Dr. Patrick Hunter is too attractive to stay mad at for long. As for Patrick, he wants nothing more than to play house with Maggie—and make Thanksgiving dinner for their families. But Megan has wept over one failed love, and she’s afraid to risk her heart again. Can the good doctor help heal her heart?

Back to the Bedroom…More Like Back to the Blah

The sugary sweet story of a woman with the “soul of a birthday cake living in a bran muffin house” who falls for a man with the “soul of a bran muffin living in a birthday cake house” has about as much substance as a Krispy Krème doughnut. The story is simple: Girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love and ridiculous neuroticisms and eccentricities keep boy and girl apart. Female protagonist Katherine Finn is supposed to be endearing with her wild mane of red hair and chronic fear of commitment; however, I grew tired of her insatiable need to complicate a seemingly perfect relationship with the lotto-winning, all around Mr. Perfect David Dodd. Come to think of it, I don’t think I would want much to do with the overly sensitive guy either. The love scenes didn’t steam up my reading glasses because the cute-as-a-button male lead embodied about as much testosterone as the writer herself. I mean really, nothing sparks my fire more than a man who stays at home all day and plays with toys. Evanovich made an attempt to add an element of mystery to spice up the ho-hum storyline by having a piece of an unexplained aircraft crash down on Katherine’s house. The so-called mystery quickly shifts to the backburner as the painstakingly tedious romance unfolds. Now, considering this is one of Evanovich’s earlier works, I would like to believe this contrived, harlequinesque story was just a fluke, so I went on to read two more of her earlier works: “Visions of Sugarplums” and “Thanksgiving.” Sadly, these duds far surpassed my low expectations. As far as Janet Evanovich books are concerned, the three-strikes- rule certainly applies. Never again will I devote precious reading time to Evanovich’s mind-numbing, generic novels. In short, “Back to the Bedroom” is a paint-by-numbers romance that strives too hard for a fairytale ending – triggering a gag reflex along the way.