Gizzy’s Pick: “Murder Melts in Your Mouth” by Nancy Martin


I’m not the biggest fan of heiresses, the Upper East Side elite or celebutantes, which is probably why I’ve always skipped over Nancy Martin’s  high society book series. Unable to resist the chocolate-infused murder plot in “Murder Melts in Your Mouth,” I decided to give the books a shot and realized that I’ve been missing out on a real treat!  

In this fast-paced Blackbird Sisters adventure, Nora Blackbird – former Philadelphia heiress and high-society It Girl – is teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Her big sister got ran over by a Rolls Royce and left her in charge of five kids while she recuperates at the Ritz. Just when life couldn’t’ get more hectic, Nora’s best friend becomes suspect No. 1 after her boss plummets to his death from his high-rise office balcony. Then madcap hijinks ensue when the tax-evading Blackbird parents reappear with their life coach, sending Nora and her two zany sisters into a tizzy.

On a quest to prove her friend’s innocence, Nora searches for suspects while covering see-and-be-seen social events for her high society newspaper column. After rubbing elbows with Philly’s most notable bluebloods at the annual chocolate festival, she discovers anyone is a suspect – even her own  father!   

With the help of her old flame, a hunky Jersey tough guy with mafia ties, Nora must root out the truth – even if it means turning in someone she loves.

 This book – peppered with witty one-liners, steamy sexual tension and oddball characters – is the perfect antidote for a bad mood.  If you’re in need of a good laugh, this book will do the trick!  The sharp murder plot and entertaining fashion commentary is sure to delight fans of Janet Evonovich, Ellen Byerrum and Jennifer Cruise.

6 thoughts on “Gizzy’s Pick: “Murder Melts in Your Mouth” by Nancy Martin

    1. Thanks Kelly! I would love to spin books for a living. Maybe if I get lucky a big-time publishing house will be charmed by my book blogs and recruit me. I’m definitely in the market for a new gig.

  1. Kerri B.

    You should take pics of all of the books with Gizzy as a model. I bet they would sell more copies if they had an appropriate spokescat.

    1. The perfect ingredients for a scrumptious chick lit book! You should definitley treat yourself to a Blackbird Sisters mystery and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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