An Old Fashioned Christmas

December has reared its red-and-green tinseled head again. Time to string the lights, deck the halls, brave the malls and make an appearance at those obligatory holiday parties. After that dreaded episode involving a flaming eggnog at my husband’s office party, I think I’m going to lay low this year. There will be no mall madness, gridlock traffic or awkward small talk with strangers for this girl! I vow to relish the holidays in the comfort of my own home with a 14-lb cat on my lap. And what better way to enjoy the holidays than to watch those Christmassy Hallmark and Fa-La-La-La Lifetime  flicks? Come on ladies, you have to admit, they’re so bad they’re good!

My absolute favorite Hallmark movie is – hands down – is An  Old Fashioned Christmas, which is based on a short story by Louisa May Alcott.  Everything about this movie – from the picturesque Irish castle to high-quality acting to the hot male lead – had me completely enthralled!  If you’re a fan of atmospheric gothic romances, set this one up on your DVR.

The story, which is a sequel to An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, begins when Tilly and her high-society grandmother Isabella

Cameron Shannon (played by Leon Ockenden) and his coniving mother, Lady Shannon

pay a visit to Castle Shannon to celebrate Christmas with the Earl of Shannon. In hopes of becoming a great writer, Tilly is excited to meet with the Earl, who happens to be a renowned poet. And unbeknownst to her grandmother, who scorned her own daughter for marrying a poor farmer, Tilly has plans to meet with her long-lost paternal grandfather.

Tensions rise when they discover the scheming Lady of Shannon has an agenda of her own. They’re fortune is gone and she needs to marry her son Cameron off to a highfalutin society lady stat! But little does she know, Tilly is already engaged. Romantic tension ennsues when Tilly is unable to resist Cameron’s flirtations – and who can blame her – he’s smoking hot!

After Tilly’s control-freak grandmother catches on to the undeniable chemistry between her starry-eyed grandaughter and the ill-mannered party boy, she does everything in her power to keep them apart. I won’t give away anymore because you HAVE to watch the movie! For more details, go here.

Happy holidays fellow chick lit lovers!

P.S. Just say NO to flaming eggnogs!

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