Lindsay Frucci on Writing Strong Women Blog Talk Radio!

As I attempt to make good on my new year’s resolutions, I find myself thinking “what would Lindsay Frucci do?” After reading her memoir The Pig and Me, I finally decided to finally get crackin’ on that novel that’s been brewing inside my head for so long. Now that I’m about 20 pages into it, I feel more confident and hopeful about venturing into the world of publishing. If you, like me, need some motivation to pursue your dream, listen to her interview on Sylvia Dickey Smith’s Writing Strong Women radio show!

From Sylvia’s Blog Talk Radio: If you think The Pig and Me is an interesting title of a nonfiction book, wait until you meet the author, Lindsay, Frucci, and hear how she turned an idea into a profitable business against all odds. And if that doesn’t take a strong woman, I don’t know what does. Read her words about being a strong woman:

“I didn’t start out as a strong woman. Quite the opposite. But over time I began to feel a need to stand up for myself, to be heard. I began to believe I had worth beyond what I’d been told – and believed – I had. I began to understand that I was a Strong Woman. The transition began in my late 20’s, but lapsed frequently. When I found my voice in my mid-40’s, I held on to it with every ounce of my being and never let it go.”

For more about the book, read my review here.  Oh and did I mention that Sylvia is also a talented author? Go here for a review of her Third Eye mystery series, and go here for a review of her stand-alone novel A War of Her Own.

Thank you Sylvia for spotlighting this fabulous first-time author. Your radio show rocks!

3 thoughts on “Lindsay Frucci on Writing Strong Women Blog Talk Radio!

  1. Jessica, thanks for the kind words. As a matter of fact, the program today, with Lindsay, had the largest audience of live listeners and first day archives than any other day in the history of the program! So thanks to you.

    NOW, let’s talk about setting a date for YOU to be interviewed on the program. You are most definitely a strong woman! And wouldn’t we have fun!

    BTW, Lindsay did a fantastic job! She inspires me! Be looking for a feature article written by her on my blog at coming soon.

    1. I’m so happy to hear your interview with Lindsay was a hit! I hope lots and lots of people will go out an buy her book. Isn’t it a shame that the publishing world is so fickle? If it were up to me, you and Lindsay would be on the New York Times bestsellers list!

      What an honor it would be to appear on your show! Thanks for the invite. I’m game if you are 🙂

      Can’t wait to read Lindsay’s post on your blog!

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