Gizzy’s Portrait has Arrived!

Gizzy approves this message.

Gizmo’s portrait has arrived and it couldn’t be more perfect! The artist, Elizabeth Wade, did a fantastic job capturing his ever-curious expression and all around adorableness. I won this through Carolyn Haine’s book review contest for Bonefire of the Vanities. The 12th installment of her popular Southern Belle mystery series, this rollicking adventure takes amateur sleuth, Sarah Booth Delaney, to a “psychic healing” resort filled with disembodied voices, ghostly apparitions, scheming psychics, murder and mayhem.  I especially enjoyed this book because of the creepy setting and the four-legged sidekicks. Go here for the full review.

In addition to authoring my favorite cozy mystery series, Haines is a devout animal lover. She has rescued many orphaned critters and champions animal rights causes. So basically, she’s my hero. A big thanks goes out to Carolyn and Elizabeth for giving me a timeless piece of art that I will treasure forever!

Want to know more about this talented portrait artist? Go check out her website.

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