Chick Lit Café’s Bountiful Bookish Christmas!

xmaslootAnother Christmas has come and gone, and once again a new stack of shiny paperbacks have been added to my mountainous to-read pile. They all look so great – I can’t decide which one to delve into first! Take a looksy at my show-and-tell video (aka “vlog”) and help me out. Have you read any of these titles? Which one strikes your fancy? Do tell!  

I should warn you in advance that this video is riddled with non sequiturs and awkward rambling. I’m much less of a space cadet when I put pen to paper!


4 thoughts on “Chick Lit Café’s Bountiful Bookish Christmas!

  1. Beth Hoffman

    This was fun, and I now feel as if we’ve really met in person. LOL! All those titles are new to me. I love that Gizzy made a cameo appearance!

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