A Lukewarm Review of Zak Bagans’ ‘I am Haunted’

22609198I’m so glad I bought the cheapo digital copy instead of the muy expensivo hardback because this book did not fulfill my wildest dreams. I want to like Zak Bagans. I really do. But it’s so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt when he’s constantly berating his “haters” and demonstrating his supperiority over other ghost-hunting crews.  Did he really have to insult Paris Hilton’s “clown feet” just because she “dissed his friend”?  I’m not really fond of celebutantes, but that was a low blow, dude.

After reading his first book, I was craving more behind-the-scenes stories about haunted buildings and the many backwoods weirdos he interviews. Sadly my thirst for inside knowledge was left unquenched as Zak continuted to regale his readers with stories about his impeccible work ethic, his psychic skills, his avante garde ghost-hunting techniques, etcetera, etcetera. Being the loyal fangirl that I am, I forged through the ego-pumping chapters and was rewarded by a few gems. Oh how I loved reading his stories about the ghoulish people who reside in some of the world’s creepiest murder houses.  I especially enjoyed the juicy tidbits about the weirdos who live in Fox Hollow Farms. Yikes!  I should also give him props for donating thousands of dollars to animal shelters. Anyone who supports homeless animals can’t be all that douchey, right?

The ghost stories I can do without, however, are the ones that involve his ex-GFs who claim to be taunted by his paranormal baggage. Come on, Zak, you know they’re just trying to bring you back into their lair. To say that I’m dubious of those alleged demonic attacks would be an understatement. Albeit he is super hot and I may be just a tad envious of his lady friends. Don’t mock me! I find his refusal to let go of the Backstreat Boys fashions to be quite endearing, OK! The spiked hair, the baggy FUBU pants, the Ed Hardy-esque attire—it all works for me.

But I digress…In short, this book seemed more like an angry manifesto than a memoir. While reading his tirades I just wanted to scream, “I bought your book, didn’t I? Doesn’t that mean I’m on your side?” For his sake, I hope at some point he can make peace with his naysayers, keep calm and ghost-hunt on. Until then, I will continue to dutifully watch his show because it is far and away more exciting than the snoozefest that is Ghost Hunters. The Dead Files comes in at a close second. Oh how I would love to see Zak Bagans and Amy Allen team up at a mega-haunted location. But of course, all other ghost-hunters pale in comparison so that will never happen.

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