A Cure for What Ales You: A Sloan Kraus Mystery

I’m sorry, y’all, I did NOT like this one. Sloan is just killing me with her secrecy, and the anticlimactic reveal of the killer just had me beating my head against the table. OK, not literally, but I really was throwing an internal temper tantrum over this thinly plotted, insufferable hunk of garbage.

Let me ask you something. If you knew you were being stalked by a highly trained assassin, wouldn’t you want to tell all of your friends and loved ones to be on the lookout for suspicious strangers–especially if your kid was a target??? Sloan, being the notably private person that she is, waited until the mid-part of the book to tell her ex-husband to be on guard, and she made him swear to secrecy because heaven forbid anyone else know that someone is after her! I’m sorry, Sloan, but you’re a nimrod, and I’m sorry your kid had to suffer the consequences of your piss-poor decision-making skills.

The murder mystery is actually a subplot to this book, which seemed strange, but whatever. I can’t give away any spoilers, but I will say that the big reveal of the killer had me going, “OK, that person…huh.” It’s like the author just realized she needed to close the loop on the whodunnit part of the book, so she just picked a name out of a hat and shoehorned it into the final chapter.

While I’m on this tirade, I must ask why a highly sophisticated hitman decides to snuff out a woman who witnessed his crime over 40 years ago–when she was just a toddler??? Why is she such a threat at this random point in life? I do not understand this logic whatsoever.

I guess this is the end for me and the Sloan Krause mystery series. To use a beer analogy, it felt like I went into my favorite microbrewery and got served a Coors Light. Whomp whomp. I’m only giving this two stars because I love the town of Leavenworth and the microbrewery setting. But not even a lovely beer-infused escape to this Bavarian village is enough to keep me hanging on to this series.

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