Four Paws Up for ‘Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six’

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve given a book all the stars, but this one deserves the praise. I’ve never read anything by Lisa Unger before, so I feel like I’ve discovered a new treasure! Here’s my assessment:

What I liked: I really enjoyed the whole “snake in the grass” storyline amidst the backdrop of a secluded, luxurious AirBnB. We’re dealing with three couples—and every single person has something to hide, thus making the reader wonder who’s the most likely to go psycho killer in the end!

The characters: I’m glad I went old school and read the hardback instead of going the usual audiobook route. When we’re dealing with this many characters, it’s easy to get confused, especially when the chapters flit from one character’s perspective to the next. Normally I get tripped up when this happens, but not this time. Each of the characters has a unique voice and backstory, so it was very easy to keep track of who’s who. I found myself very invested in their hardships—and the intrigue (especially with the evildoers) had me glued to the pages!!!

The foreshadowing: The author did an excellent job depicting a foreboding sense of doom right from the get-go with the creepy property owner and his waitstaff. And then there’s the home decor!!! Egads! Would you stay in a place with artwork made out of human bones? I’d be packing my bags and finding a Motel 6! And then, of course, there’s an impending storm that will inevitably trap everyone inside a mansion with a killer—such fun!

The creep-factor: There is a really, REALLY evil person in this book. Their actions really make you ponder the whole “nature vs. nurture” debate. I, for one, believe true evil exists in people despite their upbringings, which seems to be very apparent in this book. I’ll stop here to save you from spoilers!

Overall: This is a high-quality read that took me on a rollercoaster ride that I’d like to jump on again and again. After reading this, I’ll have to rethink ever doing a DNA test. Some Pandora’s Boxes need to stay closed—am I right?

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