Thirsty Thursday Pick: ‘Death Distilled’ by Melinda Mullet

First, let’s start on a positive note! This is a quality books series with well-drawn characters and a fantastic Scottish setting. I’m loving the slow-burn romance (sans the annoying love triangle trope) between Abi and her whiskey distillery partner, Grant. There’s also an adorable Wheaton terroir named Liam thrown in the mix!

Now I have to keep it real. This is not my favorite installment, mainly because I wasn’t really interested in the plot involving members of a has-been rock band getting killed off by a vengeful murderer.  I didn’t care for the lead rock star, Rory, who enlisted Abi’s help in solving the crimes. I also REALLY didn’t like that he was making the moves on her, especially given his age. If she crushed on him back as a child, wouldn’t’ that make him kind of old? And then there’s his flirty little vixen daughter making the moves on Grant. If she’s in her early 20s, wouldn’t that be a little age inappropriate?

I’m not entirely sure how old our two main characters are exactly, but these brewing romances were giving me the ick. Aside from that, I suppose the mystery aspect of this book was OK. There were a LOT of suspects thrown in the mix, so it was really anyone’s guess whodunnit. The big reveal was kind of a “meh” for me. But what the heck, I’ll give the next book a go because I love the Scottish whiskey distillery backdrop and really want to know when Abi or Grant will make a move!

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