Boys that Bite: A Blood Coven Vampire Novel by Mari Mancusi

What do you get when you throw together a pair of distinctly different twin sisters, a tubby, pimple-faced vampire slayer, an Orlando Bloom look-alike with fangs, and a gaggle of money-grubbing Druid monks? A refreshingly unique teen vampire series that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Unlike her vampire-obsessed sister, Sunny McDonald would rather play field hockey and make moony eyes at the resident  high school hottie than hang out in graveyards and Goth clubs. Her averageness vanishes, however, the night her sister dragged her into Club Fang. Wearing a t-shirt brandished with the words “Bite Me,” Sunny catches the eye of Magnus, a vampire hottie who mistakes her for her sister.  After sinking his teeth into Sunny’s neck, she discovers that she will soon join the ranks of the walking undead. Even worse – she would miss the prom! This turns out to be very inconvenient for her sister Rayne, who secretly signed up to be converted into Magnus’ bloodmate.

With less than a week to reverse the curse and rejoin the land of the living, Sunny must track down the Holy Grail and devour the last remaining drops of the blood of Christ. Just when things couldn’t get more complicated, Sunny finds that her quest to reverse the bite may lead to a fate worse than turning into a fanged pumpkin after her week is up: falling head over heels for the bloodsucker who bit her.

If you’re in the mood for a good vampire story, but burned out on the formulaic star-crossed-lover melodrama, then pick up this book. The tounge-in-cheek humor and madcapped misadvenures  will send readers – especially fans of Buffy – into  fits of giggles. Mancusi keeps the quips coming without overdoing the sarcasm, and her take on vampire lore will intrigue and entertain even the most jaded vampire fans. The first book in the series, “Boys that Bite will definitely leave readers thirsty for more. I know I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next installment!

3 thoughts on “Boys that Bite: A Blood Coven Vampire Novel by Mari Mancusi

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    Hi! I am putting together a list of TX book bloggers. If you want to be a part of the list…would you mind emailing me your email address?

    I will be at the book release party for Cynthia and Mari..will you?


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