“Christmas Letters” by Debbie Macomber

 I have a confession to make: I am a sucker for Christmas romance books and Lifetime movies that ooze with sentimentality. Come on ladies, you have to admit those movies of the week are so bad, they’re good! I don’t know if it’s the scent of balsam pine that fills the air, or the twinkling fairy lights that transform my normally drab living room into a winter wonderland, but Christmastime always brings out the sap in me.

That’s why I couldn’t resist picking up “Christmas Letters,” a paint-by-the-numbers holiday romance about an aspiring book publicist named K.O. who ghostwrites other people’s Christmas letters. Who knew people actually needed to hire someone to write Christmas letters? I usually scribble something generic like “Have a merry Christmas y’all” and call it a day. But I digress.

 K.O. utterly loathes Dr. Wynn Jeffries,  best-selling author of a child-rearing book that advocates no boundaries for kids. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me! So K.O.’s sister, a Dr. Jeffries groupie, follows the book religiously and allows her twins to turn into tyrannical terrors. Upset by the harm the book has caused, K.O. makes it her mission to hunt down the good doctor and expose him for the childless, psycho-babbling quack that he is.

 But things get complicated when she discovers he lives in her building and her loopy, tea leaf-reading neighbor attempts to play matchmaker. After getting suckered into having dinner with the strapping eligible bachelor, K.O.’s deep-seated anger is soon taken over by lust.

 As many of these love-hate romances go, the storyline is predictable and wrapped up with a cute little bow. Although you’ll most likely predict the outcome after reading the first couple chapters, this book is sure to give you the warm fuzzies. So grab your Snuggie (I know you have one!) and a steaming cup of cocoa and curl up with this cozy little romance!

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