Check out Chick Lit Cafe’s very First Blogger Interview!

Want the inside scoop on this stylish blogger? Well then take a peek at my Q&A on Kate Evangelista’s fabulous blog! Here’s a little taste:


How long have you been blogging?

Since June 2010. I’m very new to the scene!

Why did you decide to blog?

I have a terrible short-term memory, so I decided to create a blog to document the books I’ve read each year. In a way, revisiting my blogs is like looking through an old photo album. Looking back at an old book blog reminds me of where I was while reading the book, and why I selected that book during that specific time of year.

I also created this blog because I needed more creative freedom. I write research briefs about neuroscience and magazine features about political analysts for a living. Although I’m fortunate to make a living as a writer, I don’t have the freedom to write about things I’m truly interested in. So this blog is really just a fun hobby that allows me to enjoy writing again with no restrictions – and best of all – no editor!

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