Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Georgina Kincaid has a supernatural ability that most women would gouge out their left eyeballs for. In the blink of an eye, she can morph into a Victoria’s Secret model.  Heck – she can order a full-fat white chocolate mocha without ever having to worry about fitting into her size-2 micro-mini. Come on ladies, you know that would rock!  But there’s just one little catch: To charge her shape-shifting batteries, she must suck the life force out of unsuspecting men.

For centuries the demonic seductress has captivated men with her preternatural feminine wiles, luring them into bed to slowly drain out chunks of their lives. Sure, she may seem like a diabolical villain in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but really she’s just like any girl who dreams of falling in love and becoming a mother. But given her insatiable need to feed off of men in the throws of passion, she must steer clear of potential Mr. Rights.

A lonely bookstore manager by day, Georgina fills the void with good books and white chocolate mochas. And when she needs a quick soul-sucking fix, her boss – a slimy corporate bookstore tycoon – is always on hand for a romp. It isn’t so bad if she drains the philandering husbands, right? Everything seemed to be going just fine until bestselling author Seth Mortenson becomes the bookstore’s resident writer. When Georgina inadvertently catches the eye of the sexy author, who just so happens to be the mastermind behind her favorite book series, she must do everything in her power to turn him away.  Her self-control is really put to the test when she accidentally ropes herself into a date with Roman, a smooth-talking linguistics professor with a mysterious past.

Life really gets chaotic when Georgina discovers someone –or something – is committing a string of murders in Seattle’s demon underground. And all eyes are on her when her boss- a middle-management demon who bares an uncanny resemblence to John Cusack –  points out that all the victims are on her naughty list.

Who – or what – is attacking Seattle’s most despicable supernatural beings? Is it an amateur Van Helsing? Or is something more sinister at work? With some help from her vampire sidekicks, Georgina probes into the mystery and discovers a whole new breed of evil is coming their way – and it’s up to them to stop it!

To be honest, I expected sex as the main plot-point in a book titled “Succubus Blues,” but this just goes to show you should NEVER judge a book by its cover! This fast-paced, supernatural thriller – chock full of witty dialogue and a bevy of  intriguing paranormal beings –  is mesmerizing reading indeed! Richelle Mead, well-known author of the Vampire Academy, really knows how to create a strong, sexy heroine with a heart of gold.  Fans of Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake looking for a less intense version of the supernatural seductress should definitely check out this series!

6 thoughts on “Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

  1. Hey Chick Lit,
    I haven’t read anything from Richelle Mead, yet. There are just so many books and so little hours in a day. Now, I’ll just have to pick up Succubus Blues, otherwise I’ll go crazy not knowing what happened.
    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous

    1. You’re in for a treat! I know what you mean. I have a huge pile of books on my to-read list and not enough time to get through them. If you get around to reading the book, send me a line and let me know what you thought of it!

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