“The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch” by Marsha Moyer

I’m what you would call a born again Texan.  Yes I was raised in San Diego, but Texas has always felt more like home. I’d so much rather tube down the river in my pink cowboy hat than jump through the waves in the Pacific Ocean. I’ll take a chopped brisket sandwich over a fish taco any day! Shoot I’d even pass up on a trip to Disneyland to go fishing at the Sabine River. Yep, I’m a red dirt country girl through and through.  And that’s why I can’t resist books that take place in the South. When I came across Marsha Moyer’s Lucy Hatch series, set in a town that seems identical to my grandparent’ s stomping grounds in Gladewater, Texas – I  knew I was in for a treat!

 Here is a little taste of “The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch,” the first book of the series.    

After her husband’s horrific death by tractor, Lucy Hatch returns to her sleepy little hometown in the piney woods of East Texas.  For 14 years, she lived the simple life as a farmer’s wife, spending her days gazing out the window at her silent, passionless husband as he plowed the fields. 

 Thrust into widowhood at the tender age of 33, she tries to rebuild a  life of peace and solitude. With some help from her wise old aunt Dove and her brother and sister-in-law Bailey and Geneva , she gets herself a delivery job at the local florist shop and saves enough money to rent a little house.  And just when she starts to get her bearings, a new wrench is thrown into the works. 

When she catches the eye of the local country music star, Ash Farell, she discovers a tingling in her belly she never knew existed.  Bewildered by her attraction to the brooding bad boy and her lack of grief over her husband’s death, she must come to terms with her past and figure out what she wants for her future. Will Ash be a part of it?

Beautifully written, this sweet southern yarn explores the complexities of love, loss and coming home again.  I  fell in love with all the colorful characters, including the town of Mooney – a character all in itself!  I could practically smell the wood smoke from the roadside BBQ stand and see the crowd of boot-scootin’ couples shuffling to Ash’s soulful strummings at the local honky tonk. Marsha is a truly gifted storyteller with a knack for atmosphere and insightful prose. Like a hearty platter of Texas smoked brisket, this book stuck with me long after I devoured it!  So thank you, Marsha,  for transporting me back to a place that always feels like home.

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